An Overview of Bedding Sand and Its Importance to the Construction Industry

May 26, 2021

Contractors that are under the construction industry maximise a lot of materials to effectively finish their projects. Some of these materials include wood, cement, aggregates, bricks, concrete, clay, and metal. These materials are utilised by a lot of contractors given that they are versatile and long-lasting, especially if they are processed and used correctly.  

But aside from these materials, the construction industry also uses bedding sand as part of specific projects. Bedding sand is a type of construction material that can be very useful for creating a base layer for landscaping and other related construction projects and activities.

Basic Composition of Bedding Sand

Bedding sand is a type of construction material that is comprised of coarse sand particles. Fine sand particles are not included in bedding sand as they do not allow water to drain effectively, which can be an issue once they are in place. These fine sand particles, instead, are maximised for other useful applications such as masonry, sandbox, and landscaping use.

For the bedding sand to be effective, it must be free from large stones or extra debris. The sand particles must also be somehow coarse and flat-edged so they can easily hold pavers, concrete blocks, and other materials. That is why sand particles with these qualities are obtained and collected for bedding sand right from the very beginning. As raw sand particles are extracted from mines and quarries, they are subsequently cleaned and processed before shipping or selling them to construction firms.

Bedding Sand Basic Applications

Traditionally, bedding sand is utilised to generate a level surface and serve as the base layer for landscaping projects. For the bedding sand to be installed for these projects, a portion of soil particles at the project site is extracted. And then, the bedding sand is placed on top. Alternatively, the bedding sand can be placed right above the gravel base. The placement of bedding sand on project sites has been very useful when it comes to the installation of pavers or patio stones. 

But aside from landscaping projects, bedding sand is also utilised in other construction projects. For one, bedding sand can be used for the drainage of worksites or playground surfaces. It can also be utilised as a soil amendment so that the clay soils can obtain improvements over their drainage. Bedding sand can also be used as the main material for the backfilling process. Even wet or icy surface areas can take advantage of bedding sand, given the type of sand particles that are included.

Helpful Tips about Bedding Sand

Contractors, however, must replace the bedding sand regularly if used outdoors as it may be washed away by rainwater or other elements. And while the sand bedding can be very useful for protecting the sand joints from eroding, it can also be helpful if it will be bonded into an enclosure to prevent its particles from slipping away. A compactor can then be used to compact the bedding sand during the project.

If you have some more questions about bedding sand, feel free to reach us at Metro Pits.

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