Avoid Excavation Mishaps: Hire Only VEDN Accredited Contractors

January 20, 2020

Excavation services, those that unearth long, narrow ground trenches, really should be conducted by VEDN accredited contractors. If the goal was to dig one deep hole, a soil opening that didn't hold a team of utility workers, then things would be considerably different. A fence support or lamp post or tree root system would sink delicately into the hole, and then there's some backfilling work to do. Job finished, everyone would pack up and head back to the work depot. Trenches are worksites, though, not empty holes.

VEDN Accredited Contractors Manage Dangerous Site Assets

Before even checking out the massive steel-wire-armoured cables, Victoria Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN) industry workers have an equally important set of tasks to address. There are existing assets to identify and map. With everything marked out in a satisfactory manner, a checklist is used to systematically organize the next couple of steps of the job. The ground conditions receive a checkmark if the soil is stable and dry. Amazingly, we're already partway down that list, and we haven't even talked about the excavators yet. Now, with the site determined to be load-safe, excavators roll in and begin carving out the trench. This is clearly a complex operation, one that could bamboozle a less qualified contractor.

VEDN Teams Get Their Hands Dirty

As mentioned earlier, excavators work without VEDN contractors all the time. If a drainage ditch or construction site hole needs to be dug out, then have at it with all the might that's available via that hydraulically powered shovel. However, as soon as high voltages and worker occupied trenches are mentioned, that's when the VEDN guidelines become involved. The excavated dirt has to be deposited safely somewhere. If there's dirt at the edge of the trench, some kind of benching procedure will need to be implemented to prevent soil backslides. In the actual trench, with the electrical infrastructure engineers focused on their cable laying techniques, VEDN accredited ground workers take up their own duties, which will include a means of safely bolstering the trench walls.

It's a minefield down there, at least metaphorically speaking. Even when dragging the cables, the trench walls could become unstable. Informed VEDN techs know how to unreel the cables in careful, trench management-oriented ways. They unspool safely, backfill carefully, and extract surplus dirt with great care. Once again adhering to a checklist, an inspection is carried out every time an excavator makes a change to the ground channel. Just as importantly, VEDN accredited contractors don't tolerate single-focus attitudes. Granted, their attentions are centred on the excavations, but they also pull back occasionally to assess the weather, any provisional drainage precautions, and the presence of traffic and local obstacles.

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