Hot Water Tapping and Backflow Prevention Services in Melbourne

December 14, 2018

Work being conducted in trenches today have changed much, however, the change is good for the industry as new machinery and pipe-laying techniques improved a lot. Trenching to expose underground main water lines and pipes, for the purpose of backflow prevention and hot water tapping are very common and necessary services.

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Electrical Grid Connection Services in Melbourne: What does this Job Entail?

December 12, 2018

Homes in and around Melbourne are hooked into the mains electricity supply. In this grid, overhead lines and power poles and underground cables create a power transmission network, which terminates at a substation.

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An Overview on Some of the Work Coverage of Civil Contractors

November 22, 2018

At a new road or railway linkage, civil contractors are getting their bearings. The project is huge, so far-reaching that it reaches all the way to a local airport. A new transportation hub is taking shape, and it needs support. It's an exciting prospect, with countless opportunities for company growth. Implementing every engineering element, as designed by a consulting civil engineer, the scheduled work assignments quickly accumulate.

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Substation Conduit Sealing: What does this Job Entail?

November 13, 2018

Electrical substations switch and transform dangerously high voltages. That's why they're surrounded by barbed wire and kept under lock and key. Elsewhere, even though the structure is secured, water and shelter-seeking critters are looking for other points of entry. They push between subterranean cables, through the conduits that allow the cables ingress, and cause damage to sensitive high-voltage switchgear. At least that's what would happen if the conduits weren't sealed.

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Water Tapping Services: The Importance of Backflow Prevention

October 26, 2018

The operational environment in today's trench is different, but that's all part-and-parcel of the industry. On Monday, a ground channel is carrying high-voltage armoured electrical cables. By Friday, that trench is backfilled, and now the work has exposed a mains water line. About to carry out a water tapping service, the work stops while the project foreman considers backflow protection strategies.

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VEDN Approved Civil Contractor and Auditor in Melbourne

October 16, 2018

The VEDN (Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks) committee has received quite a bit of attention on this blog. Being part of this professionally accredited organization, civil contractors immediately gain a higher standing among their peers. After all, as everyone in the Melbourne area knows full well, this city dwells upon an intricate and dense infrastructure. Electrical contractors can't just blindly poke the ground here and start digging. No, this work mandates a more refined, infrastructurally-aware approach.

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Types of Earthing Systems Used for Electrical Installations

September 27, 2018

In a recent post, Earthing System Designs and Installation services were explained. An earth connection is essential. It connects to bonded exposed metal parts, acts as a low-impedance pathway for fault currents, and generally protects lives and property. Briefly, the different types of earthing systems were mentioned. Used in all electrical installations, those grounding systems take different shapes and forms. Today, then, we're describing their layouts in more detail.

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Fibre Optic Line Installation Services

September 13, 2018

Fibre optics lines use light pulses to transmit vast quantities of data at the speed of, well, light. The technology is responsible for blazing-fast internet connections and bufferless movie streaming. Because of that speed, cable television companies favour fibre optics, as does the information technology sector. No one's going to argue against such transmission-friendly features, although there may be one or two installers who'd disagree with that assessment.

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Access Road Planning and Guidelines

August 27, 2018

This is an important earthworks-centric post. As a result of a new contract, a trench is being excavated in a relatively remote area. From the site, it's possible to see traffic moving to-and-fro on a primary road, which is a couple of hundred metres away. Picking up a proposed access plan, the guidelines contained in this document outlay the factors that will impact the establishment of this temporary roadway.

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Underground Electrical Infrastructure: Why Your Contractor must be VEDN Accredited

August 17, 2018

Expected to safely install or otherwise alter dangerously loaded electrical systems, the responsibilities placed on the shoulders of certain contracting services can be quite sobering. This isn't a post-metering line, a circuit made of small cross-sectional wiring, which hooks into a household distribution board. No, this is the underground electrical infrastructure, a work site that utilizes thick, armoured cables, which carry medium-to-high voltage power loads. Down here, VEDN accreditation is essential.

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Types of Electrical Conduits and Their Uses

July 25, 2018

Inside an industrial warehouse, rounded metal conduits are lending electrical systems mechanical strength. The situation is different inside an office complex. Not quite as robust as the rigid metal tubing, plastic conduits are dropping down from a false ceiling. Straight to the matter at hand, then, for there are clearly several different types of electrical conduit on the market. Follow along as we describe them in some detail.

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New Power Supply and Modification Projects for Domestic and Business Sectors

July 13, 2018

Electrical connections can be seen hooking homes and businesses to the grid all over Australia. That network, constructed from over 5000 kilometres of cable, branches and subdivides, but the lines don't actually stop until they arrive at a local substation. Here's where a seasoned electrical contractor takes over. Tasked with linking the gap between this power-distributing node and a domestic neighbourhood, the first trench is going in right now.

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Earthing Systems Design and Installation Services

June 25, 2018

The goal of an earthing system is to create an impedance-free ground path. The earthing conductor, coated in green, green/yellow, or some other code-mandated colour combination, acts as a system reference point. Moreover, the earthing system functions as a safety mechanism. If there's a short-circuit or a lightning strike, the current flows straight to ground.

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Underground Asset Allocation Services

June 8, 2018

Trenching services are adapting to accommodate new regulatory frameworks. In the past, a competent person could show up with a few subsurface drawings and a handheld cable tracer. That approach is no longer practical, not when we have underground utility maps and new technologies to optimise the work. Ultimately, these resources exist to save time and money, and to keep the excavation team safe while they labour.

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Electricity Grid and How It Works

May 28, 2018

An electricity grid is exactly that, a network that's made of electrical transmission lines. The interconnected cables begin at a power station as a high voltage electrical load. Transmitted in a powerful stream of alternating current, this cycling charge arrives at a transformer. Mutual inductance is the principle that now "steps up" the voltage, at which point the power zips onto the electricity grid.

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Traffic Management Plans and Safety Solutions Services

May 14, 2018

Issued by a locally commissioned authority, a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) has been issued. It's there to ease road congestion and protect the contractors as they go about their business. With it in place, the trenching operation safely carves out a ground channel that crosses the road or parallels that busy thoroughfare. Meanwhile, the road is still open.

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Understanding the Basics of Pipeline Construction

April 30, 2018

Out here, there are giant excavators at work. They're busily extending a new pipeline. First comes the bureaucratic chores, then the trenches are excavated and the pipe sections are placed. Wrapping up the project, the backfill phase safely covers the pipeline. These massive sections scale down to less than one-hundred centimetres wide, but the main channels are larger, perhaps larger than several metres in diameter.

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Understanding Civil Work in Cable Detailing

April 18, 2018

Familiarity with the discipline known as civil engineering is handy when the cable detailing phase of a project is reached. A competent person with this knowledge looks beyond trenches and boreholes. He's assessing the local infrastructure, all underground assets, and lot boundaries. To put it another way, that civil works savvy tech sees the full picture, not just the cables.

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Civil Engineering Work in Pipeline Installation and Pumping Stations

March 29, 2018

Infrastructural projects can't get far without an accomplished trenching solution. Take pipeline installation, a case that sees highly pressurized mains water pipes and wastewater lines threading their way through vast subterranean land parcels. The tubing is fabricated from ductile iron, from flexible PVC, or from copper or steel. Expertly jointed to a municipal pumping station, the conduits rest on pipe bedding. This is civil engineering work, a field that raises the trenching bar.

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Underground Cable Safety Guidelines

March 22, 2018

Picture the risk factors that crop up when underground cables are installed. The large diameter power lines are heavily armoured, we'll concede that point, but that doesn't mean this work field is entirely safe. What's needed here is a second layer of protection, a series of stringently enforced safety guidelines. They begin with the basics, with "Call Before Digging" signs, but now we're moving forward, moving into excavation penetration territory.

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Installation of Electrical Conduits in Melbourne

February 28, 2018

Melbourne natives are used fuss-free landscapes. After that boast, we can't just allow electrical cables to run along a surface any old way. That's why a cable installer strives to make a cable run look its best. Better yet, those wires should be heavily protected. The answer is to use electrical conduits.

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Pole to Pit Contractor in Melbourne: Complete Services from Installation to Audit

February 14, 2018

A conventional Melbourne-based electrical contractor takes care of your regular electrical needs. When the mains cable crosses from your supply cabinet to the wires that spread electrical current throughout your home, you know you're in good hands. A pole to pit contractor in Melbourne operates on a grander scale.

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Different Backfilling Techniques in Foundations and Trenches

January 29, 2018

The work is done, the pipes or cables are in place, and it's getting late. A casual observer wouldn't be surprised if the extracted soil was nonchalantly shoveled back into the open ground, thus removing any possible danger. But that's not how this final stage operation goes, not even close. No, a meticulously handled backfilling technique addresses the issue. Be that casual observer for a moment, and watch the process.

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Pipe Tapping Procedures: How Does It Really Work?

January 15, 2018

There's a problem with field-cutting iron pipes. We won't dance around the subject, not when there's so much at stake. Let's just say active pressurized pipes are about to be cut. If the 'tapping' team is to address this potentially hazardous operation, extreme caution is warranted. With that cautionary statement duly issued, just what is a pipe tapping procedure? It all sounds a little vague, although the work obviously involves pipes.

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