Construction and Engineering Covid19 Safe Workplace Principles

December 15, 2020

Construction and engineering services generally involve physical interaction among workers and clients. But with the threat bought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the lives of people, companies that provide construction and engineering services are forced to limit the interactions among the mentioned people just to ensure their safety and welfare. Additionally, they now adhere to basic guidelines that are designed to keep the workplace safe and prevent the spread of the contagious disease.

Apart from having a concrete plan, businesses that revolve around construction and engineering works can only operate if they follow COVID-19 safe workplace principles. Adhering to the following principles allow these businesses to continue their operations without compromising health safety.

Follow Physical Distancing

The practice of physical distancing must be followed all the time. This specific practice allows people on a project site to continue their activities without getting close to one another. It likewise minimises the risk of people interacting and being exposed to individuals who unknowingly have contracted the virus. Workers, clients, and visitors must be at least 1.5 metres apart. And if a workplace is shared, then applying the four square metre rule can help enforce physical distancing. It must also display signs about the practice. Employees who can fulfil their tasks at home are likewise advised to work from home.

Modify Workplace Condition

Physical distancing can only be effective if the workplace conditions will be modified. If possible, activities that revolve around construction and engineering must be done outdoors. However, activities that cannot be done outdoors can still settle inside a room that has open windows and doors. Opening them would allow the air to circulate and replenish freely. It also prevents the microbes from staying in one place and infecting some people. Aside from the location of the workplace, workers must also be grouped into different shifts to limit the number of people working at a single worksite at a specific time.

Wear a Face Mask Regularly

Workers, clients, and visitors who will be entering the vicinity of a project site are advised to wear a face mask all the time. Since the virus is generally transferred through direct transmission, wearing a face mask can easily prevent its microbes from entering the body system of people. Apart from masks, they can also wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and eyewear whenever necessary. These pieces of protective equipment allow them to be safe from not only the virus, but also from injuries and accidents that they may obtain from the workplace.

Retain Workplace Cleanliness

In retaining the cleanliness of the workplace, business owners should promote the importance of good hygiene. They must ensure that all workers, clients, and visitors will wash their hands regularly and properly. The use of soap and hand sanitiser must also be encouraged for maximum protection against the virus. As for the part of business owners, they must make sure that the workplace is cleaned and sanitised all the time. High touch items such as doorknobs, phones, taps, and light switches must be disinfected regularly. Soap and hand sanitiser supplies must likewise be replenished every day.

These principles can easily help construction and engineering operations to be safe from COVID-19. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at Metro Pits.

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