Hot Water Tapping and Backflow Prevention Services in Melbourne

December 14, 2018

Work being conducted in trenches today have changed much, however, the change is good for the industry as new machinery and pipe-laying techniques improved a lot. Trenching to expose underground main water lines and pipes, for the purpose of backflow prevention and hot water tapping are very common and necessary services.

What is Backflow Prevention?

Basically, backflow prevention is when measures are taken to prevent the normal directional flow of pressurised water in water main lines, or those leading to commercial and residential buildings, from reversing direction. Reversal in the direction of the normal flow of water in pipes, especially in main water lines, can be dangerous, as it can cause fresh water to become contaminated.

The main means to protect water main lines and pipes leading to residential and commercial buildings is it to install backflow protection devices that prevent flow reversal. The importance of backflow protection cannot be over emphasised, especially in regards to high-pressure municipal main water lines, and where branch lines and smaller pipes fan out.

Without backflow prevention devices, hazardous contaminants could siphon back into fresh water lines when or if water pressure drops. Plumbers that work alongside trenching companies that offer water tapping services can install backflow devices to protect commercial and residential main water lines, and lines leading to water tanks, sewage lines, and drains.

What is Hot Water Tapping?

Installing backflow prevention devices on main water lines, where branch lines and smaller lines span out to commercial and residential building require specialised hot water tapping services. Unlike wet tapping, a process which consists of cutting and connecting new piping to a depressurised main water line; hot water tapping allows for the installation of new branch connections to a main water line while it is still pressurised. Hot tapping is very useful and convenient because there is no need to turn off water flow, as it will not interrupt water services.

Hot tapping and wet tapping are very similar services, with the main difference being that wet tapping is typically conducted on unpressurised pipelines that carry both water and sewage to commercial and residential zoned areas. And, hot tapping is mainly utilised as a means to add new connections to pressurised main water lines without disrupting pressurisation and the flow of water in pipes.

For professional commercial hot water tapping and backflow prevention services in Melbourne, contact Metro Pits today – specialising in water tapping, boring, excavations, and power connections.

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