How Pipe and Utility Installation Services Can Take Advantage of Horizontal Boring

April 13, 2021

There are a couple of reasons why a lot of utility lines and pipes are placed underground. For one, placing them underground can protect them from high winds, heat from the sun, and other damaging elements. Another reason behind their underground installation is to ensure that they will not ruin the overall appearance of properties and structures, making them more appealing and valuable.

And so, to allow property owners to enjoy the benefits of underground conduits, those who oversee the pipe and utility installation services must ensure that everything will be done smoothly. While there are many ways of digging and installing underground pipes and utility lines, a lot of contractors are now taking advantage of horizontal boring due to its accompanying features.

A Quick Overview of Horizontal Boring

But before knowing the features of horizontal boring, one must know first its underlying principles. Horizontal boring, also referred to as horizontal directional drilling, is a type of impact trenchless method that can be utilised in installing underground utilities. It is normally conducted through a surface-launched drilling rig that goes in a relatively shallow arc or radius and follows a determined underground path. Conducting this method hugely minimises the resources required for digging, closing the roads and pathways, hiring crew members, and offsetting other effects of traditional digging and installation.

The non-disruptive nature of horizontal boring allows it to be utilised by more contractors in terms of installing underground conduits. Even with projects that require maintenance and repairs of pipes and utility lines, contractors and customers would most likely prefer horizontal boring over traditional methods.

Horizontal Boring Notable Highlights

Those who are conducting pipe and utility installation services can easily take advantage of the horizontal boring process due to its complementary features and benefits.

Perhaps, one of the best features of horizontal boring is that it can minimise disruption throughout the process. The horizontal boring method does not have to excavate and displace a lot of soil, preserving any existing landscaping or features along the way. And since most layers underground are left untouched, the chances of contaminating the soil are reduced significantly.

Another great feature of horizontal boring is that it can ensure that the pipes and utility lines are installed and maintained optimally, even though they are installed under the bridges, roads, driveways, rivers, and other possible areas. They can be installed in these places without getting exposed to elements above them, which help improve their lifespan by around 50% to 75%.

One more notable feature of horizontal boring that it makes the whole installation faster compared to other methods. The absence of invasive excavation guarantees a faster installation of pipes and utility lines. And since the parts being displaced are minimised, the costs of the whole operations are likewise reduced. Costs are also cut significantly as the process does not need many manpower and equipment.

Hire Metro Pits for Horizontal Boring

If you need to conduct horizontal boring for your project, feel free to contact us at Metro Pits. We have a professional approach to service and customer satisfaction that keeps clients coming back for all of their underground boring and trenching needs. We have experienced staff that have skills and qualifications in performing horizontal boring, open trenching, and other related processes.

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