How to Maintain Underground Electricity Connections?

June 8, 2021

Several property owners prefer underground electricity connections over other connection types due to their accompanying advantages.

For one, underground electricity connections have lower transmission losses compared to other types of electrical connections. Additionally, they can absorb emergency power loads without any difficulties. Another great advantage of underground electricity connections is that they can avoid most impacts of severe weather, which is mostly characterised by strong winds and heavy rainfall. 

But underground electricity connections can also be damaged over time, especially if there are natural ground movements or sharp objects nearby. To ensure that they avoid getting damaged, routine maintenance of these connections must be conducted.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a type of maintenance that can help preserve the service life of underground electricity connections by measuring their chances of failing in the future. This maintenance strategy can conduct activities that would already alter the components of the connections even if they have not yet manifested some issues or concerns. 

Some elements are often considered when measuring the failure chances of underground electricity connections. Some of these are the distributed temperatures of the cables, partial discharge on cables, joints, and terminations, and circulating currents. The distributed temperatures of the cables are often monitored daily, while the partial discharges on components are checked every five years. The circulating currents, ultimately, are assessed yearly. 

Apart from the mentioned elements, physical components like the link boxes, connections to the grounding system, connecting cables, and joints are likewise checked for predictive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Another type of maintenance that can be conducted to underground electrical connections is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is often done to effectively reduce the chances of the connections failing or degrading. This specific maintenance is typically conducted at predetermined intervals. It can also be done whenever a specific factor about the connections has become present. 

Preventive maintenance features numerous activities that can help preserve the condition of underground electrical connections. Some of these activities include the daily or monthly inspection of cable routes, testing of the cable sheath every five years, annual visual inspections of joints, terminations, the grounding system, and the supporting structures, and the assessment of the insulators on terminations, earth resistance measurement of the grounding system.

Monthly inspections of civil structures related to the underground electrical connections must also be done to ensure that any signs of cracks, irregularities, and damages can be resolved. Failure to resolve these issues can cause electric shocks, electrical arcs, and flames, which can easily damage nearby properties. They can likewise cause injuries and even deaths.

Services of Metro Pits

For more information about underground electrical connections, feel free to call us at Metro Pits. We have installed underground electrical conduits throughout Melbourne, including inner cities, suburbs, and regional areas. This process requires VEDN accreditation and the installation of conduits for low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) cables including feeds to substations.

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