Install Underground Power Lines by Horizontal Boring

February 25, 2022

Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings rely on electricity to make their appliances, equipment pieces, and others work. As technology advances, the need to power things with electricity has increased as well. Hence, more power lines are built and generated to keep up with these changes.

Usually, power lines and other similar things are installed above-ground. And so, many communities today are bombarded with hanging utility lines. Overhead power lines have been utilised for a very long time since they allow high power and long-distance transmissions. These lines are likewise utilised since they only require low installation, material, and maintenance costs. They are, however, vulnerable to weather elements. They likewise obstruct the view of the surroundings.

Given the drawbacks of overhead power lines, more and more places have started to embrace underground power lines.

Benefits of Underground Power Lines

Underground power lines, as their name implies, are power lines that are installed into the ground. Many places globally have installed their power and other utility lines underground thanks to their accompanying benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Appealing View– One of the benefits of underground power lines is they can make the outdoor areas appealing. Underground power lines are completely hidden from plain sight. Thus, all the beautiful looks of the buildings and landscaping can be hugely appreciated by the community.
  • Fewer Damages– Overhead power lines are often affected by high winds, lightning strikes, and other natural occurrences. Once these elements have hit the lines, there is a huge chance that their power transfer is disrupted. Worse, they may damage the power lines and the poles themselves. Underground power lines, alternatively, will not get damaged due to the absence of the elements.
  • Improved Safety– Somehow connected to the previous benefit, underground power lines can be beneficial for many people as they can improve safety. Installing the lines underground can easily reduce safety risks, fire hazards, and accidents, and the risks of electromagnetic radiation.

The Efficiency of Horizontal Boring

One way to effectively install underground power lines is through horizontal boring.

Horizontal boring is a process wherein technicians would drill a specific location horizontally without excavating a huge portion of the ground. The first step in carrying out this process is to set up the drill. The drill head is then electronically wired, ensuring that technicians can monitor the direction and pressure of the drill. Once the drill infiltrates the ground, a specific element follows the drilled hole to maintain its stability. After generating the needed underground surface, a reamer is sent to make the hole larger so it can cater to the size of the power cables.

With horizontal boring, the installation of the power lines will be significantly faster. Communities likewise will not be disrupted by the underground power line installation since horizontal boring does not need massive drilling and excavation works.

Horizontal Boring Works by Metro Pits

If you want to acquire underground power lines through horizontal boring, you can call us at Metro Pits. We have a professional approach to service and customer satisfaction that keeps clients coming back for all their underground boring and trenching needs.

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