Let Metro Pits Conduct Water Tapping Services to Your Utility Lines

March 29, 2022

Water is one of the resources that should always be present in a community. And to ensure that it will reach various properties, water main pipes should be installed.

The installation of water main pipes, however, does not guarantee efficient water flow and transport right away. The water main pipes often possess municipal district lines, which can pack hundreds of kilopascals of pressurised fluid. As the fluid flows towards buildings and housing clusters, it can generate gushing water towards taps and showerheads.

Water that flows through the district lines can possess high pressure. Hence, water tapping services are needed to avoid leaks. These services can likewise prevent communities from losing their water supply.

The Process of Water Tapping

Before, municipalities would shut down the water system when connecting municipal district lines to the water main pipes. While this process can be done to secure a water connection, it would require a lot of work. For one, the lines should be tested for bacteria as part of regulations. A boil order must likewise be activated so that customers can receive an optimum water supply. 

Water tapping services, alternatively, do not generate these drawbacks. Despite conducting these services, property owners in a community can expect their water supply to be stable.

When conducting water tapping, contractors must mark out the utility lines so they can be accessed by a backhoe or mini digger. Once the lines are exposed, the contractors will install a tapping fitting into them. Valves and cutting edges will then cut or tap a hole on the pipes. Since the tapping fitting is still present on these lines, they can be equipped with a special stop valve. Through this valve attachment, a standard service line can be added to reach more parts of a municipality.

Tapping Fitting Main Benefits

What is great about water tapping fittings or devices is they can ensure safe and reliable ways of piercing utility lines without causing any leak or flood. They are also easy to operate and master, allowing contractors to conduct water tapping successfully. Water tapping fittings or devices can likewise make sure that fluid forces will be contained.

Now, contributing to the benefits of water tapping fittings or devices is the presence of valves and controls. Through valves and controls, they can prevent additional testing and boil orders often needed during the dewatering of water mains.

Tapping Services of Metro Pits

If you require immediate water tapping services for your water lines, you can contact us at Metro Pits. When it comes to underground and under road boring, our experience, qualifications, and quality systems in place can ensure that you get the right result. We can help in boring and trenching short and long distances like under road, driveway, or pathway. We also have a fully qualified team, a full range of equipment and machinery, and hands-on management.

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