Non-Destructive Trenching Services and Civil Works for Melbourne Projects

May 12, 2020

Excavation companies traditionally use mechanical equipment and tools in trenching and other ground boring projects. However, most of them are now moving towards an alternative mode of creating trenches and other civil works. This mode is known as non-destructive digging.

Non-Destructive Digging Principles

Non-destructive digging is a digging method that does not cause any harm and damages to the surroundings. This digging process uses hydro excavation, vacuum excavation, and potholing as great alternatives to traditional digging and excavation works. Ultimately, the practice of non-destructive digging helps operators achieve a safe and efficient mode of drilling and buried services.

The fundamental concept behind non-destructive digging is that it maximises a highly calculated and precise combination of high-pressure water jetting and a high-volume load of vacuum. Operators use this high-power stream to blast through hard ground, dirt, and clay, while another component is used to vacuum up the waste or slurry.

Benefits of Non-Destructive Digging

As mentioned, non-destructive digging helps operators obtain efficient drilling services without dealing with the damage to the site surroundings. In fact, any underlying services like optic fibre, cable connections, communication systems, pipes, and conduits are not affected by this type of digging as opposed to conventional digging. For this reason alone, various industries heavily recommend this type of digging over the traditional ones.

Non-destructive digging has more benefits than keeping the surrounding condition safe. For one, the effective removal of dirt, sand, and soil by the vacuum readily exposes the underground utility. Once the vacuum system extracts and removes all these materials, you can end up with a worksite that is clean and ready for other underground services and works. Subsequently, the extracted materials are transported to a proper waste disposal facility.

Another great thing about non-destructive digging is its effects on the environment. The non-invasive and non-destructive nature of non-destructive digging makes it the most effective, efficient, and environmentally way of excavating soil out of other digging options. This type of digging even yields more accurate, precise results without requiring high labour and restoration costs, making it cost-effective.

Non-Destructive Digging Applications

The community of Melbourne is continuously witnessing different projects for its overall improvement. Fortunately, all benefits of non-destructive digging can be useful in different applications and civil works in Melbourne as its ground conditions can be tough to excavate. Some civil works that can be utilised by non-destructive digging are trenching, service proving, asset exposure, optic fibre exposure, digging of pier hold and post hold, root barrier installation, tree removal, deep pier or borehole cleaning, potholing, limited access excavation, safety barrier installation, excavation of sewer and water repair, and installation of power poles and signposts.

Hiring non-destructive digging services can be helpful for your specific site, especially if you are in Melbourne. If you want help with any trenching services and civil works, just contact us now at Metro Pits. We can get the job done promptly, efficiently, cost-effective, and safely, making sure that we meet the necessary requirements within a high-risk environment.

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