Pole to Pit Contractor in Melbourne: What Services Do They Offer?

November 22, 2019

A conventional method of storing electrical and other related lines is by placing and attaching them on standing utility poles. This method is pretty straightforward but entails numerous compromises when it comes to the people of the neighbourhood. Sometimes, the existence of overhead cables on the utility poles can be an eyesore to our eyesight, which makes a part of a property an unpleasant view to see.  These overhead cable lines can also cause accidents; whenever a pole goes down or some live wires dangle in the middle of a flood.

With the help of modern engineering techniques, these overhead cable lines are now stored in their new homes. Far from dangling in the air, the cable lines and other related components now stay hidden underground. This method can help improve the overall view of the neighbourhood, and at the same time, prevent any accidents caused by dangling wires and fallen utility poles.

In Australia, the installation of underground cables is possible through the pole to pit contractors. They do the following services to make sure that your cable lines are stored safely and effectively underground.

Auditing and Permits

One important task that contractors must initially work on for the pole to pit service is to audit the whole place. Keep in mind that if the place is not suitable for digging and other related tasks, then doing the pole to pit service is out of the equation. When auditing takes place, an evaluation of the status of overhead cables is conducted to see if they can be transferred or not. Also, the amount of power that can go through underground must be checked to avoid the lack of power supply. The properties in the associated neighbourhood are also assessed before creating a grand plan.

After auditing, the contractor will start coordinating with relevant local government bodies to obtain permits and other related documents. This process will ensure that the contractors have complied with the requirements and laws governing the pole to pit service.

Materials and Precautions

Once they have obtained the permits, the contractors will order and pick up all the materials and equipment needed for the service. You will see cherry pickers, scaffoldings, mobile diggers, and other tools necessary for the cable conversion. The contractors will also place safety notices to let people know the impending work that will take place for the days to come. They can also close some portion of the road to make the cable relocation smoother.

Conversion and the Aftermath

The contractors, alongside their needed equipment, will start the process of dismantling overhead cables. They will also commence the trenching and excavation process for underground cables. This process will be followed by the installation of electrical conduits and pits for the complete conversion from overhead cables into underground cables. Once the conversion is done, the contractors will audit the underground cables to make sure that they work and safe. There may be some adjustments that must be made, but the contractors will do this before leaving your place.

If you are convinced that pole to pit contractors has the services you need, then contact us at Metro Pits. We provide the best pole to pit services that you can get here in Australia.

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