The VEDN Requirements include a pre-qualification and accreditation process that includes:

  • An approved Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Additional training for personnel supervising and/or undertaking works.
  • Project auditing and inspection requirements.

This involved inspection of our management systems including safety policies, quality control, staff training, environment controls and policies, auditing, contract control, communication with staff, clients and authorities and procedures for all of our activities.

Annual reviews are compulsory to retain this accreditation. We proudly adhere to these high standards in all of our work including communications and general trenching and boring work. Our extensive training program means our staffs are confident working in all environments including new sites, existing premises, public environs, and around existing services such as high voltage cables, high pressure gas, water and sewer mains and optic fibre. The safety of our staff, your workers and the general public is always our main concern along with protection of the environment and any existing underground services. We are proud of our achievements, accreditations, the quality of our work and our fantastic staff.

CCF Accredited
VESI Accredited
Quality Management ISO 9001