Road Opening Permits for Municipal Works: Why is it Needed?

March 15, 2021

Roads that are intended for public or pedestrian use are regulated by the government and authorities. Therefore, any works that will be conducted within the specific areas of these roads must be backed up by all the requirements and consent. Providing the needed plans and permits helps the authorities determine if the project will not cause any harm to the roads and other stakeholders.

One of the major requirements when conducting municipal works is road opening permits. Essentially, these permits play a crucial role in identifying all the needed things that will be done in a specific site. They also somehow help confirm the authenticity of the project and all the people involved. 

The Importance of Road Opening Permits

Road opening permits are only granted to project managers whenever the authorities have already reviewed all the plans involved in a project. And with the presence of these permits, project managers and their work personnel must be bound to follow all the accompanying standards and plans.

There are a couple of reasons why road opening permits are necessary for municipal works. Aside from the previously stated reasons, road opening permits allow plumbers and builders to carry out excavations and other necessary works on a specific location. They also give the right for the workers to execute the project plan fully, as long as it is within the submitted documents and conditions.

Road opening permits can serve as an agreement to excavate and carry out plans and actions on a specific site within the specified rules of the authorities. Any additional plans may be carried out. However, they must be submitted first through written consent and approved subsequently. Without compliance with the approved conditions and plans, a hefty penalty may be issued towards the project manager and others involved in the project.

Municipal Works that Require Permits

There are numerous municipal works that require road opening permits. Some of these municipal works include the excavation of footpaths, carriageways, nature strips, or medians in the road reserve, activities that can impact general traffic and city assets, installation or maintenance of gas, water, or electricity services, creation, modification, or removal of vehicle crossings, and laying of stormwater connections. 

The authorities are keen on checking all these municipal works that would involve footpaths, nature strips, service roads, and medians on local and arterial roads. And to keep these assets in acceptable conditions, they regularly conduct compliance and traffic management audits of these works.

The required permits for these municipal works can only be acquired by plumbers and building contractors. Property owners, unfortunately, cannot obtain such permits since they do not necessarily hold liability insurance, inhibiting them from being covered by any property damages that may occur.

Quality Services Offered by Metro Pits

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