Safety in Civil Underground Electrical Infrastructure Works: Choose Only VEDN Accredited Contractors

October 22, 2019

VEDN credentials are recognized throughout Victoria. With them, contractors can safely go about their duties in a trench. If someone should fail to provide the necessary accreditation documents, then that individual shouldn't be involved in civil underground engineering work. In short, the Victoria Electrical Distribution Networks (VEDN), a committee composed of local power authorities, will not give its stamp of approval to contractors who cannot demonstrate a safety-centric work history.

Going Underground: A Review of VEDN Accredited Safety

Journeymen electricians can safely install all kinds of power systems. Risk-free, they install the gear. Imagine the procedure in a home. After the work and inspection are over, every member of the family has access to the electric system, so it must operate flawlessly. So far so good, but what if that electrician is now trained up to become a civil contractor? Far from someone's living room or kitchen, the journeyman electrician is working in a dirty pit. There are cables to pull, excavation and trenching services to address, and difficult, infrastructure-steeped operations to perform. Afterwards, after all of the cables and earthing works have been properly established, the whole excavated site has to be backfilled.

VEDN Accreditation: A Safety-First Perspective

Think of underground electrical works as a single opportunity service. It might take weeks, perhaps even months to gain access to a certain patch of land. Once in, VEDN endorsed civil contractors establish a meticulously coordinated workflow. Really, the whole operation is thoroughly planned out. The whole site receives several services checks. When an excavator arrives, its maintenance records are examined. The soil type is checked for strange depressions and rocky deposits. Essentially, VEDN contractors work hard to implement a series of procedurally-vouched hazard mitigation strategies. From the setting up of the cable unwinding equipment to the side-stepping of the trench dirt, the safety program takes over. From the excavation and cable pulling work to the final back-filling job, the Victoria committee-accredited contractors check and re-check every little detail.

Having spent months trying to schedule a job that goes under a road or busy structure, surely the best-foot-forward approach involves a quick but efficient trenching service. Well, no, that's not the case. Electrical distribution networks, including those that reside in Victoria, focus on safety matters. If the job is long and difficult, the VEDN accredited contractors arrange for diversions and barriers. If a whole mess of cables is going into a single trench, there's no rushing. Sure, the cables are hidden underground, but this is infrastructure work. According to the regulations that govern this kind of work, every cable, large or small, must be dressed and installed and hauled properly. Therefore, it's not just the electricians and foremen who require accreditation, but every other worker, too, right down to the last excavation driver and lowliest shoveler.

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