Short or Long-Distance Boring: Metro Pits Can Accompany Your Throughout the Job

August 5, 2019

Whether you need to bury a short-distance electrical conduit or carve out a long pipe carrying trench, you'll need an established boring service that prides itself on getting the job done right. And that's not bluster; it's a fact, as supported by scores of satisfied clients. Switching up to a long run project, a Metro Pits horizontal boring expert's on the job again.

Boring Distances: The Scalability Challenge

There's a problem with single-skill excavation specialists. They're either short-distance trenching experts or long-distance boring pros. When asked to do a project that requires both types of work, they balk at the prospect. Well, the Metro Pits team applies a multi-disciplinarian work ethic. That means a safely excavated short-distance borehole, perhaps one that travels under a driveway, will always hit its mark on the other side. More importantly, the project will conclude without a hitch, without disturbing or damaging any other infrastructural elements, not even an outdoor garden lighting circuit. Scalability to the fore once more, this time out on a central city thoroughfare, the appropriate project techniques alter. A short-distance trench won't cut it this time around, so a horizontal boring rig is dispatched to the scene.

Mounting a Long Distance Boring Operation

Short-distance pathway and driveway jobs are handled one day, then it's off to a busier area to conduct that horizontal boring assignment. This is a whole other ball game, to use a colourful figure of speech. Mains cables and communications lines for traffic signals are routing their way through the ground. Utility pipes and pressurized water lines are down there as well. Using a directional boring process, the VESI Accredited technicians carefully steer their boring tools through a vast and dense network of concealed electrical and water-filled utility lines. The smallest error down there could be costly, with punctured mains pipes or high-voltage cables causing chaos across entire city blocks.

Short-distance excavations are done with all due care and diligence by expert boring services. Can a long-distance borehole, a service that relies on expert directional guidance, be treated any differently? To the contrary, so says the Metro Pits mission statement, such arduous jobs deserve even more professionally accredited support. On the short-run job, permits are garnered and homeowners are informed. Scaling up to the next level, the long-distance work might require a traffic control plan, a trenchless digging system, and access to who knows how many city plans. At the end of the day, smaller borehole runs must adhere to the highest engineering standards. On the other hand, well, long-distance assignments can easily shift the work over and into the civil engineering domain.

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