The Essence of Calling 1100 Before Conducting Any Excavation Work

May 13, 2022

Many types of excavations today can be conducted conveniently thanks to a wide array of technological advancements. Contractors, however, still have to ensure that every element of a site have been checked and identified thoroughly to avoid problems.

The main reason why contractors must be careful when conducting any excavation work is that they might strike and hit underground utilities. Underground utilities normally supply electricity, gas, water, and communications to communities. They can likewise cater to the transfer of wastewater to their intended destinations. Striking and hitting the components of these utilities accidentally may lead to service interruptions and expensive repairs. They can even cause injuries and loss of life. 

To prevent these things from happening, contractors must call 1100 first before conducting any excavation work. Calling 1100 will allow them to reach Dial Before You Dig.

An Overview of Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig is a referral service that allows contractors to know all the needed details about the underground infrastructure of a site. This service intends to protect the underground cables and pipes from getting damaged due to excavation works. All the details are provided by this service since its members are comprised of telecommunications carriers.

Contractors that are involved in excavation works must always reach Dial Before You Dig before conducting any excavation activity so that the latter can provide all the information about the project site. Contractors are tasked to send their project information to Dial Before You Dig. A member of Dial Before You Dig will send all the details about the underground services in the form of plans. These plans will generally be comprised of the locations of cables, pipes, and other similar components. Several separate plans can also be attained depending on one’s project.

Understanding the Received Plans

Once plans have been received, the contractors must review them and come up with a plan that can prevent utilities from getting hit. 

Some excavators, however, might have difficulties understanding the content of the plans from Dial Before You Dig. In this case, they can coordinate with the service owner so they can be briefed about the plan content. Utility owners can likewise help in locating and working near the underground utilities by providing Duty of Care statements, details of accredited locators, instructions on utilising equipment around assets, permit information, and the steps needed to obtain onsite support.

Excavation works should not start without receiving and understanding all the necessary plans.

Limitations of Dial Before You Dig

Not all plans received from utility owners can be perfect. Sometimes, errors may occur in the plans that have been obtained by the contractors. When this happens, they have to contact the asset owner so they can be advised immediately. The utility owners will then have to check and update their records.

The Dial Before You Dig service does not likewise cover service lead-ins to the property. It may not also identify all the present cables or pipes underground since some installations may have been conducted privately. Utilities might have also been installed by contractors that are not part of Dial Before You Dig.

To know more about Dial Before You Dig, you can contact us at Metro Pits.

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