The Process of Low Voltage Underground Cable Hauling Services in Melbourne

January 15, 2019

Thanks to the wonders of electricity, we are living in a comfortable and connected world. While we may take for granted the ability to flip a light switch, we must always remember that a lot of work must go into the process before we can reap the benefits. If you are looking to run low voltage underground cable on your property, for your business or residence, you are going to need the assistance of a professional outfit that can handle the job. Today, we are going to elaborate on the work that goes into low voltage underground cable hauling when a professional team is in charge.

Low Voltage Underground Cable Hauling

When you consider the fact that electrical cables are incredibly important yet dangerous, you begin to understand why it is so important for a certified team to be handling the job. Any time that you want to have cable hauled and laid through a specialised conduit, which typically entails trenching, you are going to need a team of highly trained professionals by your side. Beyond just being highly trained, you must also have a team that meets or exceeds several different standards such as VEDN accreditation. With that being said, let's outline the process of cable hauling so that you may understand the work more specifically.

1) Permit Application - First and foremost, all installation services need to be backed by proper permit applications. All paperwork must be collected and certified before any amount of work can even be attempted.

2) Trench & Bore Services - Low voltage underground cable needs to be safely and securely installed below the surface of your property. In order to do this properly, we must bore or trench the ground to the perfect depth by following all safety precautions.

3) Conduit Installation - In order to complete the job, substation feeds need to also be installed on location. When hauling low voltage underground cable, every inch of the task must be attended to for the job to be completed in a safe and effective manner.

4) Tidying Up - Finally, the surface that has been disrupted for the installation of the low voltage underground cable will be returned back to the status that it was in before the work was begun. In doing this, we make sure to reset your property to your satisfaction.

The world runs on electricity and that means that there is always going to be the need for more electrical work to be done. Here at Metro Pits, we service the entire Melbourne region of Australia. We can service both high and low voltage cables. Contact us with all of your electrical needs!

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