The Significance of Cable Detailing Services

January 28, 2022

In the past, most lines of electricity and other utilities are installed on towers or poles. One of the reasons they are situated in these places is that they can be easily serviced or maintained. Utility lines are likewise installed in these areas as they are cheaper. However, they are mostly affected by extreme weather elements and vehicular impacts.

Due to the simple yet costly drawback of overhead utility lines, many countries nowadays now consider the installation of utility lines underground.

Installing utility lines underground has been proven to provide many benefits to communities. First, they are more protected from hazards caused by fire, extreme weather conditions, and road accidents. Additionally, they can effectively reduce health risks.

Cable Detailing Services’ Importance

But to ensure that underground utility lines will be advantageous for communities, they must be accurately recorded first. Fortunately, cable detailing services are offered by companies that service underground utility lines and other related activities.

Cable detailing entails the recording of underground utility lines and other valuable assets. Some elements that are being recorded by cable detailing include the cables, conduits, cable joints, cable and conduit ends, pits, and streetlights. All the significant specifications of these elements are typically measured and recorded first before they are buried. Their location is likewise documented from a non-moveable location. Other important details that are recorded and measured by cable detailing services are the depth to the top of the assets from the finished surface height, cable positions, and their depths.

Once all these details and specifications are measured and recorded, they are subsequently added to a CAD plan so that future projects regarding the underground utilities can be conducted effectively.

Conducting Cable Detailing Services

One primary benefit of cable detailing services is that they allow contractors to pinpoint and know the location of various utility lines and assets. Knowing the exact placement of cable routes through assigned labels, colour codes, and other reference signs can ensure that they will not be affected by construction projects in the future.

Various ground surveying tools are maximised to ensure that cable detailing services are done successfully. Some of these tools include a pedometer and tape measure. Through these tools, various reference points and coordinates of existing utilities and lot boundaries are marked and plotted. A pathway correction is then done by professionals to ensure that everything is in place.

A lot of activities are involved during cable detailing services. Some of these activities include new residential/commercial/industrial services, undergrounding of overhead utility lines, power pole relocations, service relocations for road alterations, and new feeder cables.

To learn more about cable detailing services, you can contact us at Metro Pits. We have a professional approach to service and customer satisfaction that keeps clients coming back for all their underground boring and trenching needs. We have experienced staff that have skills and qualifications in horizontal boring and open trenching.

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