What is Test Pit Excavation for Soil Evaluation and what is Its Purpose?

September 29, 2017


Have you ever taken a walk out onto a construction site only to be overwhelmed by what you see? Excavation sites can look like microcosms of little cities and towns with people hustling back and forth to do tasks you aren't familiar with. Stealing the show, as always, is the massive array of power tools and construction vehicles. These vehicles are extremely important particularly when it comes to the task of trenching. Today we are going to talk about open cut trenching specifically. We are going to teach you about open cut trenching and then provide some of the advantages that it can offer you and your business for your next project.

What is open cut trenching?

Open cut trenching is a specific type of excavation that is used for particular job and construction sites. Open cut trenching is one of the more efficient and effective ways for a construction team to excavate and it is also one of the most affordable ways as well. Open cut excavation is largely used for trenching out small areas in order to repair old pipes or install new piping.

In order to utilise open cut trenching your team of workers will excavate down to the existing piping or conduit that you are looking for. This is particularly easy when you are working on soft ground rather than through pavement or concrete. After the open cut trenching is complete workers can then get inside of the trench in order to perform their work before backfilling the entire trench with the appropriate material.

If you have cement, concrete, or another hard material to get through then the open cut trenching method becomes a little bit more involved. In those particular instances a construction and excavation team would have to saw cut the existing material in order to remove it before continuing on with their work. After finishing they would then need to fill their excavation with granular backfilling.

What are the benefits of open cut trenching?

As you can see above there are many reasons to consider using the open cut trenching method for your next project. Open cut trenching is particularly popular in situations involving broken pipes, root blockages, and collapsed piping systems. There are a few other benefits that you should be aware of, as well.

  1. Affordability - Open cut trenching is one of the most affordable trench cutting options that you will find and this is particularly true of non-pavement covered jobs.
  2. Flexibility - Open cut trenching is also applicable for a wide range of different jobs involving piping and plumbing.
  3. Smaller Footprint - Once your open cut trench is backfilled it will be like the excavation team was never there.

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