Underground Boring and Trenching: Why Hire Metro Pits?

November 9, 2020

To date, there are a wide array of processes that are involved in installing underground utilities. Some of these processes usually include underground boring and trenching. Given the complicated condition and situation of the underground and its surroundings, hiring reliable trenching and boring experts is necessary to conduct these processes optimally without compromising health and safety.

We, at Metro Pits, fully understand the risks and hazards that are associated with underground boring and trenching. Therefore, hiring us would be a great choice for those who would want to conduct underground processes for the installation of utilities and other needed related components.

Overview of Underground Boring and Trenching

Both underground boring and trenching are significant to the installation, repairs, and maintenance of underground utilities. These processes are typically utilised during construction projects.

Underground boring, which is also known as direction boring, is a trenchless method of installing underground utility lines in a prescribed path. This specific process is conducted through a surface-launched drilling rig, which paves the way for the installation of pipes, conduits, and cables for electrical, telephone, and other significant utilities. This specific process bypasses obstacles that are commonly found on sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, and others, preventing any kind of disruption aboveground.

Trenching, on the other hand, is a process of removing materials underground to make a narrow and deep opening. The shape or form factor of a trench normally revolves around different factors such as the type of soil that the underground contains, the size of the pipe or conduit that will be installed, the availability of shielding or shoring, the location of buildings, and the conduit loading requirements. Trench shapes can be straight, sloped, benched, and many more.

Known Capabilities and Services of Metro Pits

We, at Metro Pits, ensure that our services can truly help clients obtain their underground boring and trenching needs. Through our exemplary capabilities and offered services, we guarantee clients the best results that they can get out of companies that conduct similar processes.

The processes involved in installing underground electric conduits throughout Melbourne require Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks (VEDN) accreditation. The requirements for this specific accreditation include an approved Integrated Management System (IMS), additional training for personnel supervising and/or undertaking works, and project auditing and inspection requirements. Fortunately, our company has VEDN accreditation as we annually subject our management systems like safety policies, quality control, staff training, environment controls and policies, and others under thorough inspections. 

Aside from this accreditation, we also conduct an extensive training program that can help our personnel to be more confident and capable of working in all types of environments including new sites, existing premises, public environs, and around existing services like high voltage cables, high-pressure gas, water and sewer mains, and optic fibre. All these things are coupled strictly with our commitment towards the safety of our staff, workers, and the public as well as the protection of the environment.

As for our trenching and boring services, we generally offer horizontal boring, trenching and excavation, underground asset location, underground mains, poles to pits, water tappings, horizontal boring-under roads, driveways, and pathways, road opening permits, and traffic management plans.

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