Underground Electrical and Power Cables Installation by Metro Pits Experts

September 30, 2016


An underground electrical and power cables installation must be high quality to ensure that the cables function properly throughout the years. When workers place the cables improperly, they can malfunction every time it rains or the ground suffers dramatic shifts in temperature. For this reason, you need to hire a company, such as ours, to perform all installations of power and electrical cables for you. Our company has the training and qualifications to perform installations of these types of cables in such a way that the people who use them can rely on them to work day after day in the intended manner.

Metro Pits Is a VEDN Accredited Auditor

VEDN stands for Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks and it is part of the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry or VESI. In addition, these organisations decide which contractors are and are not accredited to perform various civil tasks dealing with the underground electrical infrastructure. Our company went through the necessary steps to receive accreditation to exhibit just part of our qualifications and skills.

We Apply for All Reinstatements and Required Permits

For each installation that we perform, we apply for any necessary permits or reinstatements for you. We understand how to file the paperwork in the proper manner to gain approval the first time without an issue occurring that delays the process.

Our Crew Skillfully Trench and Bore the Ground

Crew from our company skillfully bore or trench the ground to just the right depth and width to perform the underground electrical and power cables installation in the proper manner. All safety precautions will be followed as well to ensure that no one suffers injury in the process. After the cable installation is complete, we return the ground to a presentable condition as much as we can for the area.

Serves the Melbourne Area

Metro Pits services the Melbourne area of Australia. We perform underground power and electrical cables installation for both low and high voltage cables including feeds to the substations. Our staff is highly trained and has full VESI and VEDN accreditation. We guarantee quality workmanship, materials and customer service to address all your needs.

Consult with us for further information about our services for underground electrical and power cables installation along with our other capabilities. We will meet with you to analyse your project and provide you with a free quote to enable you to make an informed decision. You cannot go wrong dealing with our company.

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