Underground Electrical Conduit Installations: Why You Should Look for a VEDN Accredited Contractor?

June 28, 2021

More and more properties today are now preferring underground electrical conduits over their overhead counterpart due to the benefits that they can bring. For one, underground electrical conduits can significantly improve the overall appearance of the property as the wires and cables are neatly hidden beneath the ground. These conduits are likewise safe from damaging weather elements such as high winds and heavy rainfall, which can then reduce power disruptions and costly repairs.

But before property owners can obtain underground electrical conduits, they must look first for a Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks (VEDN) accredited contractor. Contractors that have been accredited by this specific committee guarantee excellent services in terms of underground conduit installations, maintenance, and other associated activities.

Defining VEDN and Its Objectives

The VEDN is a committee associated with the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) that is intended to accredit contractors who are part of the civil aspects of underground electrical works. Some of the works that are expected from the contractors include excavations, trenching, installation of conduits, installation of earthing systems, boring, and cable hauling.

VEDN is set to conduct various activities so that all contractors for underground conduit installations will be truly capable of carrying out their works. One of the committee’s objectives is to develop, review, and maintain an Accreditation and Quality Assurance System that can suit civil infrastructure contractors working in the VESI. VEDN likewise provides a forum to unify all requirements needed by the five Victorian electricity distribution businesses. Ultimately, the committee is set to sustain the integrity of the vital accreditation and registration process as well as monitor the performance of contractors.

VEDN Credentials is Necessary

For contractors who intend to install underground conduits, they must be accredited by VEDN for them to carry out their works. Without VEDN accreditations, the contractors are advised to just stay above ground.

Being VEDN accredited means that the contractors can carry out works with medium-to-high voltage lines. They are likewise determined to have reliable knowledge about excavating and extending the trenches safely without compromising the infrastructural lines. Additionally, VEDN accredited contractors can assure excellent services in terms of excavating termination pits under substations, installing large-scale ducts and conduits, and running trenches through land and roads. All these works are hazardous and dangerous, which is why contractors should be accredited first.

Work with Experts at Metro Pits

If you need experts in terms of underground electrical conduit installations, feel free to call us at Metro Pits. We can help you with boring short and long distances, such as under road, driveway, or pathway. We have a fully qualified team, a full range of equipment and machinery and hands-on management.

We are VEDN approved auditors approved for various civil works such as pit, pipe and trenching, installation of bedding sand and backfill, Low Voltage (LV) underground cable hauling, installation of earthing systems, and cable detailing. We have installed underground electrical conduits throughout Melbourne. This process requires VEDN accreditation and the installation of conduits for LV and High Voltage (HV) cables including feeds to substations.

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