Underground Electrical Infrastructure: Why Your Contractor must be VEDN Accredited

August 17, 2018

Expected to safely install or otherwise alter dangerously loaded electrical systems, the responsibilities placed on the shoulders of certain contracting services can be quite sobering. This isn't a post-metering line, a circuit made of small cross-sectional wiring, which hooks into a household distribution board. No, this is the underground electrical infrastructure, a work site that utilizes thick, armoured cables, which carry medium-to-high voltage power loads. Down here, VEDN accreditation is essential.

But What is VEDN?

Out here in Victoria, VEDN accredited team members take on hazardous electrical work locales. Just to explain the acronym, the Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks board falls under the authority of VESI (the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry), a trademarked institution that presides over the 5 primary electrical distribution networks in the state of Victoria. Agreed, that's a lot of initials and area authorities, and it takes time to take in this operational structure, but that level of comprehension isn't really required today. Just know that a contractor and all of its trench-capable team members should be VEDN accredited. Without this authorization proviso, the worker must stay above ground, far from the underground electrical infrastructure.

Licenced to Work Underground

Electrical journeymen go through all sorts of challenging training periods. There's an apprenticeship to complete, which involves several years of college education. Completing the training, the newly qualified electrician can specialize. Household, maintenance, offshore, or industrial electrical work, those are just a few of the specialty areas available. Then there are line engineers, working far above the ground on pylons, which carry high-tension cables across country. Meanwhile, in Victoria, whether in a trench or under a substation, VEDN accredited team members work with infrastructural electrical elements. In other words, they're the sub-surface authorized persons who lay and pull area cabling.

Why Do Contractors Need VEDN Credentials?

Again, it comes down to authorization, as judged by the VESI document, so click the link for more information. Said to be in compliance with this important document, VEDN accredited contractors incorporate all of the best elements of electrical and civil engineers. They're qualified to work with those medium-to-high voltage lines, including their armouring, and they're equipped with the know-how to safely excavate and extend the trenches that contain the infrastructural lines.

Excavating termination pits under substations, running trenches through land and roads, or installing large-scale ducts and conduits, VEDN accredited contractors are trained and authorized to carry out all such hazardous duties. They work before the meter, underground, adding new segments to an ever-evolving, electrically-based infrastructure. Dangerously live conductors or safety-oriented grounding systems, VEDN authorization assures a safely managed underground work area, plus an expertly installed service.

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