Understanding the Importance of Cable Duct and Conduit Sealing

January 29, 2021

A conduit is a type of tube that is used to protect electrical wiring in a specific property or structure. It also routes that said wiring to make ensure proper flow of the needed electricity. Electrical conduits can be made from metal, plastic, fibre, or fired clay.

But despite the use of these materials for the fabrication and production of these conduits, they still must be protected and sealed to ensure the safety of electrical wirings. Electricity, after all, does not work well with water and other similar elements. A simple interaction between these elements can already cause accidents, injuries, and property damages. 

The Installation of Cable Duct and Conduit Sealing

One type of protective element that must be installed on electrical conduits is cable duct and conduit seals. These sealings can effectively prevent water from entering the conduits and damaging the wirings. Aside from water, cable duct and conduit seals can also stop gas from entering, avoiding any interference and issues that it may cause upon entry.

Without the installation of these seals, the water that comes from rainfall or other nearby water reservoirs might find its way into the location of the underground conduits, which may lead into a short-circuit and eventually cause a blowout. Once this happens, the power supply of a specific community will go down. While repairs can be made, it might take a long time just to restore the needed power.

Importance of Cable Duct and Conduit Sealing

With the addition of sealing, it can easily prevent power outage and other catastrophic incidents that may unfold once elements infiltrate the electrical wirings. The conventional type of sealing normally utilises fireproof mastics and self-expanding foams that can inflate the seal and cover the tiniest gaps that the surfaces may still have. However, this type of sealing bears the weakness of breaking down over time. 

The newer polymer-reinforced compounds are now being integrated to cable duct and conduit seals since they can stop watery streamlets right away. These compounds also have a fume and gas migration resistance attribute that prevent toxic fumes from entering the conduits. With their great properties, these compounds are now used in sealing armoured cables and conduits. 

Cable Duct and Conduit Sealing with Metro Pits

Cables and conduits found on most substations carry thousands of volts. Given the dangers of having these elements interact with liquid and gases, they must be protected and sealed thoroughly. Fortunately, modern cable duct and conduit seals are now available to prevent accidents and damages.

To know more about cable duct and conduit sealing, feel free to contact us at Metro Pits. We have worked in many areas including Melbourne inner city, suburbs, and regional areas. We specialise in installing electrical conduits for the electrical supply industry. We also have full VESI accreditation and all our staff is appropriately trained. 

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