VEDN Approved Civil Contractor and Auditor in Melbourne

October 16, 2018

The VEDN (Victorian Electrical Distribution Networks) committee has received quite a bit of attention on this blog. Being part of this professionally accredited organization, civil contractors immediately gain a higher standing among their peers. After all, as everyone in the Melbourne area knows full well, this city dwells upon an intricate and dense infrastructure. Electrical contractors can't just blindly poke the ground here and start digging. No, this work mandates a more refined, infrastructurally-aware approach.

Reviewing Auditing Programs

VEDN endorsed, the newly approved project auditor collects his paperwork. Down at the worksite, the front page has been pulled back. It lists the work duties, civil contractor responsibilities, and appointed job stakeholders, including the VEDN number of the assigned electrical auditor. Over the page and further onwards until close to a dozen pages of tightly tabulated data have been viewed, the civil engineering work is printed in bold text. There are the cable drums to set up, the site boundaries to mark and close-off, the excavation obstacles to either clear or bypass, and much more. Wading knee deep into the civil aspects of the job, the auditor uses the program paperwork as a checklist, a means of adhering to the VEDN arbitrated rulings that allow electrical contractors to work within Melbournes' densely packed infrastructure.

Chief among the Project Stakeholders

Even site project managers stop when civil worksite auditors and electrical auditors have important matters to discuss. Their VEDN approved qualifications and experience carry great weight on the worksite. This is an individual, pair of individuals even, who can talk face-to-face with the host network operator prior to and during the trenching work. Terminating armoured cables at large or small substations, crossing busy highways or quiet streets, the civil engineering phase reviews every aspect, right there at street level, or right there underneath the rich soil of Melbourne city. In point of fact, when an electrical contractor earns their VEDN civil Auditing identifier, that service has what it takes to address any electrical/civil element in any of Melbourne's many connecting network sections.

If someone wishes to gain this region-specific accreditation, there are a few pathways available. A degree, civil or electrically oriented, is essential, but then so is at least a handful of seasoning years in the industry. There are also workshops and training courses, which ready potential VEDN approved civil contractors for their future. The profession involves interactions with network authorities, the ability to professionally audit an infrastructure-connecting trenching project, one that involves electrical cabling, and other knowledge-based skills, including a capacity for composing clearly legible auditing reports.

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