What are the Primary Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling?

August 24, 2021

Water, electricity, gas, and other resources are vital to many properties. Hence, a lot of them are being supplied and transferred through cables and pipes underground.

The installation of underground cables for utilities is being maximised by many property owners today due to its accompanying notable advantages. One of the advantages of underground utility installation is that it can reduce losses over the transmission of resources. Additionally, the same installation can yield lower maintenance costs. Underground utility installation is likewise preferred by various property owners since it protects vital cables and pipes from weather elements.

But before the cables and pipes can be installed, the ground must be excavated and drilled first. One process that can make underground utility installation possible is horizontal directional drilling.

A Brief Background of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling, which is also known as horizontal boring, is a surface-to-surface drilling procedure that can lay underground cables and pipes by avoiding obstacles that would prevent it from taking place. Some obstacles that this drilling procedure typically avoid are footpaths, roads, driveways, and rivers. Through a surface-launched drilling rig, horizontal directional drilling allows connections to be installed even though they are not arranged in a straight line. The use of the said drilling rig likewise makes this procedure to be trenchless, minimising damages along the way.

Horizontal Directional Drilling and Its Main Benefits

What is great about horizontal directional drilling is that it offers tons of benefits to contractors. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • Easy Installation– One benefit of horizontal directional drilling is that it can install durable pipes in just a short time. The rig used for this drilling procedure can conveniently infiltrate harsh terrain and waterways without running the cables and pipes above ground or under bridges. This type of drilling procedure likewise eliminates the need to excavate and displace huge portions of the ground, providing contractors with a lot more time to do other essential jobs.
  • Less Disturbance– Another benefit of horizontal directional drilling is that it can yield less disturbance to the surroundings. Being a trenchless method, this specific drilling procedure eliminates the need to displace the ground surface just to install the necessary utilities. Without the extraneous displacement of the ground elements, contractors can easily ensure that the site’s condition will remain intact. Soil contamination and toxic gas emissions are both minimised with this procedure.
  • Great Flexibility– One more benefit of horizontal directional drilling is that it can offer great flexibility to contractors. Since this type of drilling procedure can be carried out in almost all types of terrains and locations, it is expected to work well in locations known to be inoperable before. It can even be conducted in places that may seem too expensive due to its complex and ever-changing structure. The flexibility of this type of drilling makes it great for Australian topography.

If you want to know more about horizontal directional drilling, you can contact us at Metro Pits.

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