What is the Main Purpose of Electrical Earthing or Grounding?

June 12, 2020

One common fact about appliances and other related products is that they are powered by electricity. And whenever the metallic components of these products come in contact with a live wire, these components may become overwhelmed with electrical energy.

The energy or static charge that is found on these metallic components can be dangerous for people who may accidentally or unintentionally touch them. This type of situation is the key reason why most appliances and power supply systems must undergo electrical earthing or grounding.

Electrical earthing or grounding pertains to the transfer of any accumulated static charge directly to the earth or ground. This transfer is possible since the metallic parts of an appliance, earth terminal of socket cables, and other systems are already connected to the ground through the help of the low-resistance wire. The earth or ground, being a good conductor of electricity, conveniently allows the escape of electrons from the charged components.

Aside from letting the electrons escape, some other purposes of electrical earthing or grounding are:

Transfer Excess Electricity

One key purpose of electrical earthing or grounding is that it can readily remove any excess energy from your main electric power system, appliances, and other electrical devices. As mentioned, our ground is a great conductor of electricity, which means it can also receive electricity. One great advantage of its conductivity is that once it receives the excess electricity, the ground will no longer transfer it back to the source, which makes the appliances and humans safe from danger and harm.

Protect Electrical Appliances

Power surges and other related problems can hit your electrical supply during extreme weather conditions or lightning strikes. Whenever these problems happen, an unusual amount of electricity is swiftly brought into your appliances, which can instantly damage them. With electrical earthing or grounding, all the excess electrical energy that your appliances do not need will just flow into the ground instead, protecting them from being burned or damaged.

Stabilise Level of Voltage

An electric power system is intended to readily supply and transfer power to all the appliances. The presence of electrical earthing or grounding on this system can help achieve an optimal level of stable voltage levels since electrical energy is equally distributed to all appliances. And since the ground serves as a reference point for the voltage sources, you can expect your circuits to be protected from being blown out and attain a stable voltage level in your electric power system. 

Provide Safety and Security

Aside from providing safety and security for various electrical appliances and devices, electrical earthing or grounding can also save lives since any abrupt, excess electrical flow is quickly forced out of the whole electric power system. Even if someone touches a device that has internal defects, he or she will not experience any electrical shock that usually leads to fatal accidents. Property fire and damages can also be prevented since an excessive amount of electricity is quickly removed by earthing.

All these things prove that electrical earthing or grounding is certainly essential for any type of property. If you want to know more about this, just contact us at Metro Pits.

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