Why Do You Need an Earthing System in an Electrical Network?

February 21, 2020

Many elements go into creating an effective electrical network for both commercial and residential properties. One such element that is a necessity is an earthing system to ensure that this network is properly grounded. Through grounding or earthing an electrical system or network, you ensure that it transfers any immediate electricity discharge directly to a special pipe or plate to keep this powerful source of energy safe to use. If a short circuit occurs from wire damage or inadequate insulation the earthing wire removes any extra electricity and transfers it to the ground, so that it can go inactive. This is accomplished quite quickly and simply without a highly complex or expensive setup.

Why is an Earthing System Necessary for All Electrical Networks?

Typically, most property owners go about their day without thinking about whether their house or building has a sufficient grounding or earthing setup. You may even wonder if it is truly necessary for your structure since it has the latest in electrical wiring. The answer to this quandary is a simple “yes” since unpredictable things may occur that will negatively impact your electrical system suddenly and without warning. To keep your electrical boxes and system shock-free and safe, you must have the correct earthing setup for your situation.

Types of Grounding Systems for Electrical Systems

In Australia, there are the following five types of earthing systems:

• TN-S
• TN-C-S
• TT
• TN-C
• IT

The T = earth, N = neutral, S = separate, C = combined and I = isolated. You should receive professional guidance for which system is right for your structure along with expert installation.

Advantages of Installing an Earthing System

• Voltage stabilisation is one of the benefits for having the right grounding system for your structure. That is due to the fact that earthing helps to prevent circuits or fuses from overloading or malfunctioning by supporting the proper distribution of power between voltage sources and access points.

• Another advantage of an earthing system is that it provides efficient overload protection to eliminate power surges to electrical appliances, devices and outlets to keep them from being fried during one of these surges. This is especially important to major electrical items in your home or building, such as heating and air conditioning systems, computers, stoves, refrigerators, televisions, telephone systems and or business equipment.

• Tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses along with power surges are actually the minor issues that can happen when the grounding system is inadequate. The major issues that can occur include electrical shocks and fires that can cause physical injuries and the latter causes structural damages as well. Not only can you lose the use of your dwelling or commercial structure while repairs take place, but you also could be seriously injured and even die in the worst case scenario.

Prevent any issues from happening by having professionals install the correct earthing system for your electrical network. Your network will be more reliable and safer to use daily.

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